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Online Requests

Below is a list of ISSS requests that can now be completed online. To avoid interference with ISSS data collection, faculty and staff should not initiate requests, unless otherwise directed by ISSS. Please contact ISSS with any questions.

Note: If you have already started a specific online request, do not start a new one. Please go to your User Home Page to continue working on your online request.
  • Departure Form - if you will be departing Vanderbilt or changing your status (submit the Dependent Departure Form for any dependents)
  • Dependent Request - if you plan to bring a spouse and/or dependent child (unmarried, under 21 years old) with you to Vanderbilt
  • Travel Signature Request - if you plan to travel outside the U.S. during a scheduled Vanderbilt break
  • Document Upload Form - Securely submit requested documents to ISSS. Only use this form if the document you are submitting is not a part of any application available through the ISSS Portal.
  • Student Academic Training (AT) - J-1 students requesting advance off-campus work authorization for employment training or practical experience, related to their field of study.
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) - F-1 students requesting off-campus work authorization, related to their program of study, prior to graduation.

  • Student On-Campus Employment - J-1 students requesting on-campus employment authorization at Vanderbilt
  • VUMC Practical Experience Request - F-1 students who have an offer to participate in a paid or unpaid practical experience at VUMC must request prior authorization. Use this form to submit your request to ISSS for review.


  • Initial I-20/DS-2019 Student Request - application for an initial I-20/DS-2019 for admitted international students and accepted exchange students
  • Student SEVIS Check-in Registration  - Review emails instructions to complete the check-in process. Upload copies of your passport, I-20/DS-2019, visa and I-94 documents to complete   check in process. Update address on the YES portal along with phone number.
  • Scholars and Student Interns SEVIS Check-in Registration - Review email instructions to complete the check-in process. Upload copies of your passport, I-20/DS-2019, visa and I-94 documents to complete check in process. Update address as well through edit profile link in your profile.
  • STEM OPT Application Request - F-1 students on OPT after earning a bachelor, master, or doctoral degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (government approved STEM fields) can apply for 24 months of additional OPT if they have a job or job offer from an E-Verify employer and meet all other required criteria.

  • Report Change of U.S. Address - report any change in your U.S. physical address within 10 days of the change using this form.

  • OPT EAD Approval Upload - submit a copy of your OPT or STEM OPT EAD card.

  • STEM OPT New Employment Report - report that you have started a new job while on STEM OPT.

  • STEM OPT End of Employment Report  - report that you have ended a job while on STEM OPT.

  • STEM OPT Reporting - 6 & 18 months reporting - Students submitting the 6 and 18 month STEM report must indicate their current employment information.

  • STEM OPT Reporting - 12 & 24 months reporting - Students submitting the 12 and 24 month STEM report must indicate their current employment information and submit a signed I-983 evaluation on student progress (page 5 of the I-983; top box for the 12-month report, bottom box for the 24-month/final report). Students ending STEM OPT prior to their authorized end date must also submit a final evaluation on student progress.

  • SEVP Portal Access - This is an optional portal available for F-1 students with approved OPT. If you choose to set up a portal account, you must still report all new and updated employment information directly to ISSS using the OPT Employment Update form above.